"When considering the reception of digital anonymous art, it's necessary to ask where such art comes from. A presentational website that features artworks without a name attached is not inherently anonymous – it could very well be the work of a specified group of people. Once you've realised that a single person is incapable of assuming or speaking on behalf of a digital entity claiming to be anonymous, the website is no longer anonymous. Usually the first person you realise cannot begin posting on such a website is yourself. The principal of anonymity is that everyone must be implicated as a possible actor, making no one accountable. True anonymity necessitates a website structured for open participation by all. Although one user looking at another user's anonymous post on such an open website will realise she did not create that specific work of art, through open participation she has an equally valid claim to say she did create it regardless of if she personally knows she didn't." ≈ ANONYMOUS ≈